Naturist business owners expecting to attract a younger demographic have to comprehend that the economic reality facing today’s young people is much more volatile than it was thirty or forty years ago. A park whose business model is founded on trailer lot leases and annual membership fees will have a virtually hopeless time attracting anyone under 40 – this demographic just cannot afford, in time or in cash, to patronize this type of business.

They simply can’t manage it otherwise, and will reject the entire lifestyle and culture as “for old rich folks only.” We might also suggest offering more flexible, cost-effective membership schemes which are appropriate for young people and couples who would be willing to come to your own park five or ten days a year, but can’t justify or afford the costly annual memberships intended for folks who spend half the summer there. Parks near university towns should seriously consider organizing (and advertising) shuttle service in the student life hub on a number of specific weekends, like spring break and the end of tests, that coincide with the pupil population’s rare blocks of free time.
New Nudism: Always Be Respectful
Admiration is supposed to be at the core of what naturism is about. While we have found the folks at naturist parks, resorts and beaches are typically much more courteous and more respectful than their counterparts in similar textile environments, there is usually at least one exception – and frequently more.
Respect is not just about being courteous, friendly and encouraging. It is also about recognizing when people are uncomfortable and when they would prefer to be left alone. follow does not, generally, welcome conversational improvements from outside present peer groups. Most of them were taught as kids to assume mature strangers are dangerous, which conditioning remains very much in effect.
When a bunch of twenty somethings is approached by an elderly guy who neglects to comprehend that his considerate efforts to join the group are not welcome, they will start to perceive that man – and anyone who seems to belong to the exact same group – as creepy and disrespectful. In fabric environments, this is not a huge issue, but naturist environments often have that one guy who, with great motives but totally failing to recognize youth culture, promotes a powerfully negative image of the entire community.
If a naturist community wants to welcome new and younger members, the existing members need certainly to be conscious of this problem and willing to take quick, decisive action to correct it when needed. Everyone will open up and socialize when they’re ready to do thus; attempting to race the problem will simply push people away.
The Beginning Of New Nudism: The Challenge Is Set
Will any naturist resorts or parks take on the challenge of attracting and welcoming younger members? We expect so. The Kingston-Frontenac Free Body Societyis going to attempt to arrange a trip to every place within driving range of Kingston, ON that expresses serious interest in solving the “generation gap.” Although I can not speak for FKK’s leadership, I guess they’ll do the same for New York.
Let us get the dialogue started.
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We are the Kingston-Frontenac Free Body Society, a 20s / 30s social group. We’re about equality, independence, new thoughts, experiences and friendships in a safe, respectful, clothing-optional setting. Learn more about us at the Nipple from a Topfree Activist Point of View
Last week I attended the much-hoped-for Free the Nipple film premiere at the IFC Theater in NYC. They had a little press-junket beforehand with director / co-writer and celebrity Lina Esco, her co-stars Lola Kirke, Casey LaBow and others.
For this particular premier, Lina set aside some free tickets for girls who’d go topfree in the audience to support the cause. Naturally, I was excited to view the movie and immediately signed myself up!
Free The Nipple Poster
Now, for some history In 2011, I first learned about women’s legal right to go topfree in people in NY state and I’ve been a bit of a top-free activist ever since.


See our Naturist Youtube Videos all of which were created by Young Naturists and Nudists America FKK

The naturist Youtube videos below were nearly all created by Felicity or Jordan. We at FKK use a variety of tools to encourage the naturist lifestyle in general together with our own morals and ethics.
Our videos are viewed by hundreds of thousands of folks from all around the world. When asked what FKK actually does – here is merely one very small but powerful manner we help to teach and encourage naturism in mainstream society.
The responses from our nudist videos have been overwhelmingly favorable. They spun off many online searches by individuals from all walks of life who never gave naturism much thought till they viewed our videos.
Creating content is simple – creating great content and doing so consistently is challenging.
Only this past year, FKK seemed in more media coverage that any other group. FKK has additionally released more posts, videos and created more online engagement than any nudist group or naturist organization.
While we’ve produced more content, the quality of the FKK content in addition has been the reason why we have seen this type of enormous amount of interest and participation.
But do not take naturist teens for it! Take a peek at some of our greatest nudist Youtube videos from the last few years below.
We likewise have a fresh mp4 that we’ve got never shown before today. A year ago we held a exceptional yoga course at one of our assemblies at Sunny Restwith instructor Karen Kapus. First we set up black lights inside in the evening and then body painted each other with special UV body paints. The result was a wonderfully dirty yoga class where our bodies moved like lights in the dark. Check it out below! (And you are able to read more about that class and assembly at the link above.)
New Nudist Video: “Vinyasa Flow-in-the-Dark” – FKK Naked Yoga Class with Blacklight Body Painting
Naturist Youtube Video: 100 Nude People in NYC During Body Painting Day
Nudist Youtube Video:
A cunning avi about the Rock Lodge Nudist Portal parties.
Naturist Youtube Video: Young Naturists Youtube Video NYC Bodypainting Day 2014
Promotion movie by Naturist Portal about our 1st NYC BodyPainting Day in 2014.
Naturist Youtube Video: America, baby!
Movie footage from the fireworks during the FKK nude 4thof July gathering.
Naturist Youtube Video: Bare Body Painting in New York City
Nudist Youtube Video About Bullying : Our Kids Are Dying – The Narrative Of On-Line Intimidation And Cyber Bullies In America
Naturist Portal created this mp4 in reply toAmanda Todd’s suicide.
Naturist Youtube Video: What Nudism Is By FKK
Nudist Portal created this interesting little educational clip about nudism and naturism to help support a broader comprehension of what naturism really is all about.
Nudist Youtube Video: Who Said Body Image Was Not A Real Problem!?!?!
This Young Naturist Video was created to raise consciousness about theissue of body imageand why it matters.
Nudist Portal created this mp4 to strike back against Facebook, Youtube and On-Line Censorship! This was a parody of the Facebook “Look Back” clip feature that enabled individuals to create a clip collage of the old photographs and posts. Subsequently YouTube censored it, as if to prove our point.
Nudist Youtube Video: Shit Folks Say!
As in: Shit People Say To nude beach boobs And Shit Naturists Say In Response
Naturist Youtube Video: Unclothed Recreation Promo
As in: Join FKK Now.
Naturist Mp4 on Youtube: Nude 4th Of July 2014!
Mp4 promoting the Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK 2014 Nude 4th Of July Gathering
Naturist Youtube Videos: Naked Fire Dancer
Video from your Bare Oaks Canadian Naturist Festival of theNaked Fire Dancer. View the Pyro Naturel Perform Bare Poi andNaked Fire Throwing!
We hope you enjoyed our new naked yoga clip, in addition to the rest of our FKK Youtube videos!
This post and the naturist videos were published by Young Naturists and Naturists America FKK
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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and cofounder of Nudist Portal.
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Nobody knows for certain exactly exactly how many naturists there are on earth, but the amounts of those enjoying a clothing optional lifestyle appear to be increasing.

Regrettably, naturism still carries a stigma, created mostly of ignorance of the truth. To some naturists are well meaning but somewhat dotty individuals, who meander nude through wooded glades, pausing in catalog poses behind strategically placed leaves. To others, they are wrong hedonists, congregating in mixed groups to enjoy delights of the flesh in orgy situations not seen since Caesar hung up his laurels. Or they are perverts attempting to corrupt the ‘normal’way of life. As with nearly all biases predicated on lies, misunderstandings and half-truths, the reality of life for the average naturist is very different really.

Well it may be said that we are all naturists under our clothes! Naturists come from every walk of life. You do not have to have taken illegal substances during the sixties, have every album Bob Dylan ever made, or have named your offspring Moonchild and Rucksack. Naturists might be doctors, lawyers, housewives, checkout helpers, teachers, priests – rich, poor, blue collar, white-collar, self employed, unemployed… anyone can be a naturist. The only qualification needed is a true desire to enjoy a clothes optional lifestyle!


Men, have you ever been to a tailor to be fitted for pants and been asked what side you ‘dress’ on? Why do they do so? Simply because most men understand that in case you get this wrong, it might be somewhat uncomfortable! Any woman who is ever worn a bra will know that lifting and separating might offer a pleasing outline by way of a jumper, but that the instructions might as well say pinch and strangulate. Garments frequently force your body into shapes and positions that don’t feel natural. Just how many guys actually enjoy wearing a collar and tie? How many girls have pulled on a girdle since they actually wished to? Next time you’ve dressed yourself up to the nines, have a look in the mirror when you have taken it all away.

Nudity is the most natural thing on the planet. Despite the fact that the catwalks of the fashion capitals would have us believe that we cannot do without their latest creations, we are all born naked! There are those, obviously, who would without doubt favor all baby boys to emerge pre-clad in a three-piece worsted business suit, and infant girls to pop out wearing pinafore dresses and woollen tights. We live in a society that has grown to view the body as something to be covered – even embarrassed of. Naturism takes the opposite view. It sees the body as good, standard, changed – and something that simply needs covering if the owner wants to cover it. There’s nothing lewd, crude or distasteful concerning the unclothed body.


Given that naturists are representative of the people in general, then it is entirely possible that we amount an odd sex maniac amongst us. The law of averages makes it likely there are also several fetishists, a healthy quota of gay men and lesbians, one or two celibates along with a handful of free love exponents. There are probably also quite several naturists who develop a sexual thrill from dressing up! But all of this ignores one very important point: NATURISM HAS NOTHING RELATED TO SEX.

It’s a little like kissing. A kiss can be a sexual act – but it also can have a number of other meanings: a gesture of friendship, a welcome, a style of saying good-bye, a comforting gesture – or, should you reside in Hollywood and practise the airkiss it can mean anything from ‘fancy seeing you here’ to ‘drop dead, bitch’! You learn very quickly what’s appropriate and inappropriate, depending on your own crowd. If you’re alone using a lover, then a little tonsil hockey would be totally right; in the event you’re greeting your partner’s mom, then tongues are likely not proper.

For a lot of people, the only real time they have been naked with another person is before, during and following a sexual experience. So that they would have trouble distinguishing the two. But separate they may be.

Anyone staying at a naturist resort who made any overt sexual gestures or inappropriate comments in a public scenario could be requested to leave. Naturist resorts share many similarities with other forms of resort, the exception being only that clothes are optional for many of the actions happening there.


It’s not a question of never being allowed to wear clothing! There are lots of situations where the wearing of clothes is extremely reasonable – and naturists don’t remove their brains with their undergarments! Naturism is supposed to be freeing and relaxing. In case you live in the north of England, for instance, then a very long walk through the woods naked in the middle of January is probably not advisable. Some sport activities might even require the usage of protective clothing.

There aren’t any conditions in which it is compulsory to be nude, and naturists will not be campaigning for a clothing free world. They just don’t see concealment as a valid reason for wearing clothing.

BUT teen nude beach ‘M A GUY – YOU KNOW… FORGET MYSELF?

After one hour approximately in the company of new friends at a naturist resort, the one thing you’re likely to forget is the fact that folks are nude whatsoever. It just is not an issue. Obviously men, becoming a naturist doesn’t mean that your ordinary body reactions cease. For most they’re as natural as the weather – but sometimes they could be equally as unpredictable. Only when you’re expecting for a depression in the midwest, suddenly all is bright, cheery and positively perky! It is, nonetheless, far less of an issue in a bare setting than you might assume – simply because the social atmosphere in a naturist resort is very non-sexual.

If it were to occur, then it is a matter of using common sense.

Not the case. It depends mostly on how comfortable you feel. Naturists understand that menstruation is a perfectly normal part of life for all girls, and you won’t be singled out for special notice! The use of tampons enables women to get involved in many naturist activities. If you prefer to use pads instead, or if you would simply feel more comfortable doing so, wearing shorts is perfectly acceptable during your period.


That is the entire point though. Naturism is not about looking at bodies – naturists are not exhibitionists. It’s just about enjoying the freedom that a clothing optional feeling brings. Naturism is about accepting the body for what it’s – nothing to be ashamed of. Therefore the guys don’t need to reach the gym for six months, buffing their muscles to within an inch of their lives in order to obtain entrance. Along with the women don’t have to look like Baywatch babes. The media is mainly in charge of promoting this idea of body perfection, but the truth is that the vast bulk of individuals do not now, nor are they likely to ever resemble this false ideal.

Nobody’s planning to remark on the size or shape of your breasts or critically appraise your genitalia. And if you have any surgical scars or other distinguishing marks you needn’t worry – dismiss them just like everyone else will. For many people, their first distress disappears quite quickly, as soon as they realize they are not being judged on their look.


It’s about relaxation, freedom from constraint – and to an extremely large measure, it is about truthfulness.

Naturists are judged on their characters alone. They take away the trappings that many of us have around us every day. They’ve less to ‘hide behind’. Many naturists form very close non-sexual friendships, using a rather powerful bond. Truthfulness also spreads to most other facets of naturist living. At naturist resorts, thefts and other crimes are almost non-existent.

Being nude may also be amazingly relaxing. The feeling of air, sunlight and water on the skin is a terrific stress reliever. Many people know this, of course. The extra feeling of independence though can be quite big indeed. A lot of people suffering from stress or strain at work have said that being at a naturist resort is the most effective way of relieving it that they know of!

Many naturists participate in athletic and other leisure activities. These can clearly have a positive health benefit, provided you do not overdo it!

And just believe. Girls need never worry again about turning up to a party in exactly the same outfit as the hostess!


To the contrary, children who grow up in a naturist environment generally have far fewer hangups than other youngsters. Once more, they’re not being subjected to premature sexual circumstances – they grow up around other kids and adults, understanding the body is not something to be hidden and ashamed of. They understand anatomy of the human body, which is less of a ‘taboo’ to be investigated at the earliest chance. There are fewer incidences of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and unlawful behaviour amongst nudist kids than amongst other children.

Kids are natural nudists too. They only start to realize they are bare and wonder whether they should be wearing clothes because adults tell them and dress them in particular manners.

It is a really depressing fact of life there are individuals in society who does hurt children or mistreat them. Naturists aren’t these people. Kids and adolescents within a naturist community are protected – they not only have their parents together, but are around their peers and also a group of adults who all view nudity in an all-natural, non-sexual and healthy manner.


Absolutely nothing! Nudism should function as the only pastime for which the only demand is merely what you were born with. And for many folks it really isn’t simply a pastime – it’s a way of life. Obviously, determined by what you are definitely going to do, you should be prepared. If you are going to be exposing parts of your body that normally do not even see the light of day, never mind the sunlight, you might need to employ a good sunscreen. If you’re definitely going to be going to your resort, you may most likely wish to be sure to have some comfy footwear, towels, possibly a sunlounger etc. You need to also have a look at the catering facilities, as you may want to bring a picnic lunch. Essentially, it is merely exactly like packing material for a trip to the shore. You simply forget to include your swimsuit.

As for the sunglasses, well friends have discovered that nipple rings are an ideal holders for his or her Ray Bans.


You will naturally feel a bit self-conscious in the beginning. In the end, we live in a society that frowns upon shows of nudity on television, in films and in magazines – generally due to the equation of nudity with sex. So it can take a short while to get used to being in a community where nudity is not only not frowned upon, but positively encouraged!

Remember, however, that folks aren’t going to be judging you. They could be naturally interested at the coming of newcomers, just as you’d expect, but the likelihood is that the welcome will be warm as well as your nudity undetected.

You might believe that your eyes will betray you nd you’ll be staring at people’s dangly bits all of the time – but you won’t. In fact, at first you may be trying so hard not to, which you daren’t move your head! In an incredibly brief time, though, you will fix to consider people normally – just exactly the same as you’d be properly used to if they were dressed.

Naturist resorts will also be private areas. You won’t be subjected to any marketing, and people will not take photos of you, unless you permit it. In fact, specific locations just permit photography in particular designated areas. Your membership of any naturist organisation will be kept strictly confidential.


Most states on earth now have formally designated nudist beaches – with some significant exceptions.

There will be individuals for whom nudity is uncomfortable, even sinful. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Naturists are not trying to make everyone embrace a clothing optional lifestyle. It is an individual judgement. The benefits, however, are extremely actual. So what are you currently looking forward to?

How Lena Dunham Gets Naked On TV and Why We Love Her For It

Lena Dunham Nude On TV – Now love Her!
Lena Dunham Nude – If you don’t know her, Lena Dunham is the star and writer of an HBO television series called Girls. The show is only in its 2nd season, but went from zero to fame in about thirty seconds.
The assumption of the show has been compared to Sex and the City, only this time the girls are 20-somethings and coping with a considerably more tumultuous span of their lives as they try to transition into the “real world.” Yes, it looks like only another series about young, white, privileged women, but you should still give it focus. Why?
Because Lena Dunham has an average-looking body and isn’t afraid to expose it, affirming to girls everywhere that it is acceptable to be typical and additionally NOT be embarrassed of your body!
And I don’t mean average in a negative way. Typical as in ordinary. Typical. Expected. Outside of the tiny percentage of girls who are tall, wafer thin, cellulite-free, huge-breasted and have no curves (otherwise referred to as the scantily clad girls who dominate the media, advertising, movie, TV, etc).
Lena Dunham has not been hiding her body as other “flawed” girls do on TV. As her character Hannah, she’s been getting nude. The sex scenes provide loads of chance for nudity, but in the latest episode we also see her wearing a see through mesh top in public. (And Hannah is only one one getting nude.
In a season one episode, “The Crackcident,” there’s some shocking nudity when Shoshanna, another of the girls, ends up on a sidewalk in Brooklyn with no slacks. Her nudity is never discussed afterward, or afterwards in the show. I imagine the writers are saying, “hey nakedness a part of life.” Since we all have nude bodies, it’s.)
Lena Dunham Nude
But Lena Dunham’s nude scenes and naked body has evoked some powerful and affecting reactions from critics. A female critic writes about her in a NY Post review, “It’s not every day in the TV world of anorexic celebrities with fake boobs that a woman with giant thighs, a sloppy backside and little breasts is compelled to reveal it all.” Um, and somebody hates her for it? Dunham is a menace to the ordinary arrangement of things, just by being her real self.
She was also criticized for wearing this getup at an event in L.A.
“I ‘m anti-slacks.” -Lena Dunham (pictured right, with no slacks)
Dunham’s response was: If Olivia Wilde had gone to a party in small short pants, she might have been on a ‘odd dressed ‘ or been told her ensemble was adorable. I do not believe a girl with tiny thighs would have received such no-trousers curiosity. I believe what it really was ‘Why did you all make us look at your thighs?’ My answer is, get used to it because I am going to live to be 100, and I ‘m going to show my thighs every single day till I die.”
Simply by showing her thighs, she is challenging the same answer to nudity that naturists cope with: “Ewww! I don’t wanna see that!” A article about Girls’ informal nudity even quoted Nicky Hoffman of The Naturist Society about how naturism empowers women.
It always seemed to me like a paradox that it is not difficult to walk the streets among average Americans and realize that most people are not hiding the super skinny idealized physique under their clothing. And yet to be faced with this fact will be to cause shock, controversy, and disgust. Perhaps I just underestimate the brainwashing done by the media and advertising industry.
But what’s amazing is the way Lena responds to these assaults on her body. She does not give a crap! She is not dieting, not covering up and not apologizing for the way she appears.
Her body has generated not merely criticism, but also some really great discussion around important questions – Why does nudity make people feel disgust? What is wrong with revealing an alternate physique on TV? Why does it have to mean anything?
Here are two quotes from articles that attempt to address these questions. In the first, Helen Charman implies that people’s negative reaction to nudity comes from the “closeness” of seeing all the imperfections, but we have to start seeing bodies as something other than objects of beauty or sexual desire.
“in this case the difficulty is more that the ‘perfect’ body is one stripped of the distinct intimacy that, by rights, comes naturally with nudity. We’re unfamiliar with seeing a ‘real’ body represented on screen, and the closeness it creates is startling, and challenging, and the challenge makes us uncomfortable, and distress leads us all too frequently to the kneejerk reaction of criticism and of disgust.
The nude body is mankind at its most exposed and its most true, and it should be celebrated not only for its potential to be wonderful but also its potential to be humorous, and awkward, and sad, and old, because this in turn is all that we’re, and can be.”
And a 2nd quote from “The Audacity of Lena Dunham, and Her Admirable Dedication to Making Us Look At Her Nude” by Lesley on xoJane

We need more of Lena Dunham nude on TV! I trust she will keep getting nude and keep challenging public nudism quo. (We also clearly want more folks to attempt nudism, but we all know it is easier to place a greater assortment of naked girls on TV than to get the audience themselves to attempt societal nudity.)
Lena Dunham Nude – is part of our Sex Positive And Body Image Sites By Felicity Jones For – Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK
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Writer of Fkk Site. Co founder of Nudist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. Feminist. 70% vegan, 30% vegetarian. When I am not busy eating, I am writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other interesting topics. I like feedback, so plz leave a comment when you’ve got something to say!

Getting Some Nude Body Painting In Times Square

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon in late July, several nudies including myself gathered in Manhattan. We prepared to get nude for one of the few times public nudity is permitted in NYC: for a live art exhibition!
Ten people participated, including a man who volunteered in the bunch.
First some folks came over claiming the footpath we were on was their property (it wasn’t), so Andy had to deal with them. Afterward we’d some plainclothes police officers come over, shouting and demanding that I put my clothes on.
After verifying that they were really policemen, Andy retrieved some records he carries with him, for situations just like this. They calmed down and began reading a letter which describes that nudity is completely legal in NYC if it’s part of an exhibit or show.
This letter also says he has express permission from NYPD to do . They said “alright” and left us alone. This really is not a one-time occurrence for Andy, who gets disturbed and harassed all the time while doing his live body paintings, despite the fact he has permission and that it is 100% legal.
Body Painting with FKK by Andy Golub, pic by Dave Hoffman
There was a bunch of onlookers at all times, but in this area, it was much tamer than when I got body painted in the middle of Times Square. Individuals honed in a little too closely at times, but it was small enough to restrain.
We took off our tops to start, Andy painted, and then we proceeded to take off the remainder. It’s the first summer that Andy has painting naked folks in the daytime.
He previously had an arrangement with the city to only paint models in g-strings until sundown. With a brand new attorney, they managed to eliminate this unfair deal, and now he can paint nude people at any time of day (which was always legal).
Once we were all painted, we took a slow walk down to the busier part of Times Square, weaving through the swarms of people. We stopped for a few pic ops, expose together in front of a parking garage, a Starbucks window, and other places. The coffee shop patrons looked happy to see us.
The reactions were generally positive. I thought it was amazing that we had such a diverse group of models – fat, skinny, young, old, of different shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Naked (or almost-nude) people in the media all basically represent one look, one race, one body type. We need more diversity such as this!
I inquired the models themselves for opinions about the whole encounter, and here’s what they had to say:
“This was the creation of body art [while] discussing with, laughing with, modeling with, simply having fun with the bunch. I have been a performer for a long time, and this was likely the most thrilled and appreciative audience I Have ever had. It was indescribably entertaining. I would do it again in a pulse.” Mr. Sandy
“As you may know from my blog, I feel really comfortable nude and I ‘ve been to numerous events that involved full body painting, but doing it at Times Square brings this experience to the next degree. It took some time to get used to be in the center of attention of heaps of individuals, but the general atmosphere of enjoyment and encouragement made it easy to enjoy it! Clearly, many folks were curious about what was occurring, and you could see a variety of reactions but virtually all were favorable.
Many people were surprised to find out it was totally legal. It was amusing to hear that even when people were baffled in the beginning, they promptly approved the event just as they heard the magic word ‘artwork’ – Luckily, some folks detected another important aspect of the body art event the models were of different ages and body complexions, which surely boosted body acknowledgement; and could there be any better place for that than Times Square? ” -Kirill
However, not all the reactions were favorable. Not long after the body painting, our good buddy Maria received an anonymous letter. It was an appalling attack on her size and appearance. It read:
Nobody said you were amazing or which you look amazing because you didn’t. As a matter fact most people who saw your photos looked away in sex at beach . You paraded yourself as a naturist/model for the entire world to see; in reality, you were a sideshow act right from a 19th century carnival freak show.

Vintage Nudist Items On Ebay Accessible For Sale

Vintage Nudist Things On Ebay – EBay is the place where you can find anything including tid bits of artwork, artifacts and vintage memorabilia dating as far back as the early 1920s. A fellow nudist in Watertown, NY made a tough decision to part with some of his valued collectibles and live off of the bare essentials in a cause to accumulate resources for his beloved dog, Mia Marie Bumblebee, who just turned 10 and is in urgent need of surgery to remove Cataracts which are causing blindness.
Vintage Nudist Things On Ebay – Indonesian Ashtray
The seller hopes to assemble close to $1000 to restore the well-being of his family pet who has brought much enjoyment to his children and other fellow naturists in the Northeast.
“I ‘m on a limited nudist girls and am now working to get the money for the $3,000 ( ) surgery together. I’m close to 2/3’s of the way there, so I ‘ve listed lots of my things on e-bay to try make the remainder. Little Something 4 everyone I trust! So check it outand tell a friend! Hopefully you are able to meet us at an event in !and she will see you with her “renewed” glowing Baby Blues like they were in this pic!! (if you win I would like to understand UR a group Member as it would be nice to know that) Thanks So Much! SG”
Vintage Nudist Items On Ebay – Go Topless
Some things up for bid include a 1947 Fritz Shider Bare Reference Hardcover publication titled “An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists”, Late 60’s or early 70’s Italian figurines “World’s 1st Naturists! Naked Bare Caveman Cavewoman & Kid Family”, a comic vintage 50 year old wooden sign comprising an image of a unclothed woman holding her clothing stating “HE WHO FIGHTS WITH WIFE ALL DAY..WILL HAVE NO PEACE AT NIGHT!”, Risque Art Deco 1920’s Somewhat Naked Girl Drink Glass and other miscellaneous interesting things you will just have to have to add to your own naturist house collection.
Buy Vintage Nudist Things On Ebay and Posts about Naturism And Naturism By – Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK
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Strand (Haulover). This is my favored fkk beach.

Its very simple to get to, there are folks of all
ages, and they sell beverages and hot dogs on the strand
Plus the water is always warm (87 now) and so is the
weather. I adore going nude whenever possible, its
very comfy, feels great and life is more enjoyment in
the bare!
I’d like to start of by giving you a little information about
myself. I am 26 years old and now living in
Aventura, Florida. I’ve been going nude since I was
17 or so. Besides nudism I also love playing pool,
listening to all kinds of music (except country and
gangsta rap), working with computers, and speaking
about cars. Now I’ll get into how I got started as a
I was 17 when I first became
Interested about how it felt like to be nude in my
room. I don’t know
Just why but I thought I would be more comfy
if I took off my panties, so I did. It felt strange
at first, for a while I was self conscience of my
body. Not because anything was wrong, merely because I
had never been naked in my room before I think. I got
over the awkwardness (self consciousness) and it felt
school I was on the cross country team. We ran about
People joked
about running there, but no one actually did.
One day on a run by myself I ran
near there and decide to run to the nude beach. I
made it there and saw the bare individuals. At this point
I was inquisitive regarding what it was like to be naked on
the beach, why these people did it. I ran to a type
of isolated part of the strand (just several individuals
around me and were not that close.) I took off my
shoes, socks, and t shirt.
I afterward was relaxed and comfortable enough to say to
my self I’d like to get naked and see what feels
So off came my short pants and
underwear! I sat there nude for a min. or two then
stood up. I’ll never forget that moment. What I felt
I am only able to describe as the most wonderful sense of
Liberty I ‘ve ever felt inside my entire life! I felt so
fee and alive! It was simply wonderful to be bare
outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt great… hence
Comfy I subsequently ran into the ocean and swam. It
felt so pleasant to swim without an suit I adored that
Encounter and desired to do it again.
After that I went back to blacks
several more times. I also went to other nudist
Shores; San Onfre, (45 minutes north of blacks), and
More Mesa in Santa Barbra. San Onfre is fine, its
more secluded than blacks with less gawkers. I went
to school in Santa Barbra and I discovered More
Mesa. This is a great plage! Verry private and
secluded. I went to UCSB in Santa Barbra and saw
Hints for models needed for art class. I signed up
and modeled naked for the art class. It was no big deal
for me and it was enjoyable. It was awesome to see how each
artist painted me in their own way. My mother discovered
the test from the art school and asked me about it
in front of the family. I told her the truth, they
all merely laughed and gave me a hard time about it but
Weren’t offended or angry or anything so it was cool.
Since that time, I ‘ve been to
two fkk resorts in CA. I had a really fine time in
both resorts. The folks there were really friendly and
It was very relaxing and
Interesting to spend the day nude swimming, eating, sunning,
meeting fresh folks etc. Most of the folks were old
Its trendy
though to see all the young people involved with
Today I go naked in my room
Virtually constantly. I also go naked at the local naturist
Shore (Haulover). This is my favored fkk beach.
Its very easy to get to, there are people of all
ages, and they sell beverages and hot dogs on the strand
Plus the water is always warm (87 now) and so is the
weather. I adore going nude whenever possible, its
Quite comfortable, feels great and life is more pleasure in
the naked!
I would like to start of by giving you a little info about
myself. I’m 26 years old and currently living in
Aventura, . I ‘ve been going bare since I was
17 or so. Besides nudism I also love playing pool,
listening to all kinds of music (except country and
gangsta rap), working with computers, and speaking
about autos. Now I Will get into how I got started as a
curious about how it felt like to be nude in my
room. I don’t understand
Just why but I thought I would be more comfortable
if I took off my knickers, so I did. It felt strange
Initially, for a while I was self conscience of my
body. Not because anything was wrong, just because I
had never been nude in my room before I imagine. I got
over the awkwardness (self consciousness) and it felt
school I was on the cross country team.
Individuals joked
about running there, but no one really did.
One day on a run by myself I ran
near there and decide to run to the nude beach. I
made it there and saw the naked individuals. At this point