or locker rooms give us a break anymore. The hysterical anxiety about nudity in our

society has become so great that nudity has virtually disappeared completely from
these locales traditionally designed to accept nudity. In the doctor’s office we
Stay covered up with our clothes or with hospital gowns, merely revealing small
Spots of our skin when absolutely crucial. Locker rooms, saunas, etc., have
lost the tradition of nudity within them. This isn’t even miscellaneous group nudity
we’re referring to. Even among our own sex we hide our bodies, either by not
being nude whatsoever, or by transforming in a stall, or by keeping a towel attentively
wrapped around ourselves.
Even when we’re nude, we
hide our bodies in shame. Every minute of each day.
We swim with clothes on,
Despite the fact that that’s crazy. We sleep with clothes on, even though we are tucked
away under a blanket where no one will see us. We even remain dressed in front of
our spouse–our sex partner–who has already seen us naked in the most intimate
of situation and with whom more than anyone else we must feel
comfortable being naked. Even in the privacy of our homes we stay dressed. Why?
We do it because body
shame has been so deeply ingrained into our mind that we can not imagine doing
anything else. Nudity under nearly all circumstances looks so foreign to us
that we can’t view it as anything but a bizarre aberration, if not a downright
But we all have a body.
There are billions and billions of human bodies disperse throughout this world.
Within the two genders, every one of them is the same as every other. All of us know
what they look like–we all know what gear they’ve. What on earth do we
think we’re hiding from each other?
Actually, we’re not
thinking at all when we have a negative reaction to nudity, whether we see
others nude or others see us bare. It is purely an emotional, irrational
reaction, based on a lifetime of deep, thorough mental conditioning.
Emotional abuse.
Is not it emotional maltreatment
to condition your children to have feelings of shame and dread just because
someone by chance sees them naked?
Is not it emotional mistreatment
to state your children to feel shock, fear, or disgust at the mere sight of
a body?
Our bodies are ourselves.
When we feel shame, anxiety, terror over bodies, we’re feeling those feelings
about ourselves or about our fellow human beings.
No wonder people have such
a tough time relating to each other. We worry each other at a very fundamental level. We
are all driven by nature or God to take naked bodies with us wherever we
go! Those dreadful, shocking, black naked bodies! What was God thinking?
How can we perhaps
interact normally with each other, steeped in attitudes like that?
Just what negative
Results result from shaming kids into wearing clothing, and continuing
that brainwashing process until the day they die?
Kids are left in
ignorance. We think it’s a wonderful, educational thing to take kids to the
zoo. But what do they do at the zoo? Stare at the nude bodies of animals. This
is considered very educational. And it’s.
Yet kids are never

allowed to stare at the naked bodies of the species that is most significant for
them to learn about. Their own–human beings. It is amazing for their sake to learn all
about the bodies of lions and tigers and bears, oh my! But never the body of the
species they belong to and will marry. Never the body they live within
throughout their lives.
Children do not get to
Totally comprehend and tolerate the differences between http://modestperson.com/views/many-occassions-purposely-chosen-nude.php . Boys have
Dick, girls have vaginas. This is an undisputed fact of life. But to a lad
who isn’t allowed to learn about human bodies, a girl does not have a
vagina–she’s been castrated of her penis. To a girl, a boy does not have a
Manhood–he has a strange increase where his vagina should be. And these are the
boys and girls blessed enough to have caught a glimpse of the opposite gender nude.
Then we wonder why there
is so much sexual dysfunction in unions?
Children don’t get to
become comfortable with the process of puberty before it happens. When their
bodies start changing, it is a traumatic thing. Why? Because it is natural for
puberty to be stabbing?
Certainly not! It’s a
Totally natural part of the human life cycle.
It is wounding because
They’re not prepared for it. Is that not psychological abuse?
They begin growing hair
around their pubic area and within their armpits. What’s that all about? For
boys, the penis enlarges (is it diseased?) and hair starts to grow on the face.
For girls, the vagina starts to bleed (am I injured?) and breasts being to
enlarge on their torsos.
How many horror stories
have there been about kids who were totally unprepared for these changes? Is
that not child abuse, to allow kids to enter this period of life unprepared
Merely because their parents are embarrassed to talk about it (thanks to their
own mental brainwashing from their parents)?
But even with kids who