Facebook should really just give up the outrageous censorship and make free speech the default. I picture an open, collective space as one in which we all get to exchange ideas and content without being at the mercy of one piqued user or a corporation’s idea of what they may deem obscene.

The great news (sort of) is that we users do matter, and we can hold them accountable. Why? 1. Because without us, the users, there isn’t any Facebook. And 2. Because Facebook is not exactly free. Its marketing revenue relies on us (as users and advertisers) seeing those ads that appear in news feeds and on the sides of pages.
We have also “paid” through illegal access to our private information and probably will again in the future.
What exactly can we do about it? Make our voices heard, both on and off Facebook. Submit prohibited content to STGMB, where we can all mock and call out Facebook for removing the most harmless Internet content. I think we should keep submitting grievances to FB toocan’t guarantee that any individuals read them, but if enough of us keep at it then maybe our collective voice will, at some point, get heard. But we can’t do this alone!
It might also be worth noting that Facebook does not let users to encourage others to break its policies. So you should give it some thought before you go trying to enact a Day of Naked. Maybe Facebook isn’t the best spot for campaigns against Facebook
There have been many requests and campaigns against hate speech that succeeded in getting FB to revise its policies. So perhaps a free speech petition is another option to consider.
There are a couple of alternative social networks especially for naturists, though none match the quality and breadth of Facebook. We really desire a better alternative for everyone, but til then, appears like we’re stuck dealing with fascistbook.
What do you think, readers? What else can we do about Facebook censorship? Or have some of you already given up and moved to Twitter or Tumblr?
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Class: Felicity’s Nudist Blog, Nudist Blog, Pinky RantsHow Naked Yoga and Doing Young in The Nude Changed My Yoga Practice
(Guest Blog by Naked Yoga Teacher Isis Phoenix)
Naked Yoga by Isis
I towel dried my hair and sans clothes, I padded barefoot to my living room and rolled out my yoga mat. I desired to get a practice in before teaching yoga in the evening. It was the spring of 2007. For some reason with this particular day I didn’t bother to put on the ordinary stretchy slacks and fitted top that accompanied my yoga practice. I chosen for the trend of ‘au naturel’ instead of streamlining spandex. It was a whim.
I wasn’t what one would consider a naturist. I didn’t have to be nude in my house, nor was I one to seek out clothing-optional events. I ‘d never been to a nude beach. For some reason on that day, yet, I decided to practice yoga without clothing.
I was alone in my own New York apartment. It was the middle of the day. The blinds were closed and I was alone – my mat, my breath, my body and all her imperfections. I sat, shut my eyes, and stilled my thoughts.
The urge for movement appeared that lead http://nudismphotos.net/posts/my-first-nudist-experience-came-when-i-was-17/ into a simple cat-and-cow movement on my hands and knees – arching and flexing my spine with each inhale and exhale – eyes closed. I extended my way back into downward-facing dog. I was naked. My breasts hung like the udders of a cow in this pose and my belly sagged. So that is why we wear spandex, I believed. I breathed.
I began a simple sun salute, moving through the familiar poses on my mat. In this sun salute I experienced for the first time what http://nudenudist.com/tube/my-first-ever-time-going-really-nude-with-other-people-around/ ‘d call yoga. Allow me to clarify. I have been practicing consistently for three years and had recently finished my yoga teacher training.
To say that this happenstance encounter, nude in my own living room was the first time I experienced yoga was foolish to me. On the other hand, the minute it occurred I understood. Anything I presumed was yoga before was now off the table. It was a moment that I can only explain as that of an extremely complicated lock that have been stuck for a long time lining up and unexpectedly splitting open to reveal a secret portal to oneness.
Before that moment I can say my yoga practice was consistent but somewhat superficial. I ‘d real aims – more headstands, mastering complicated sequences, a practice of vegetarianism, attending classes three times per week, learning Sanskrit. In this moment, however, the doors swung open and everything that was fragmenting my practice was revealed.
Isis Phoenix Naked Yoga Teacher