Let’s Do Away With These 5 Body Shaming Opinions

Inspired by body positive activist Virgie Tovar and this recent post on Mic, “5 Body Shaming Remarks That Everyone Should Quit Saying This Summer” I determined to write my own list of body shaming remarks that naturists are tired of hearing. This list is all about how folks shame the naked body, notably the female body. It’s also about how naturists are shamed for daring to be naked and accept themselves as they are.
1. Why are people at the bare beach never the people you need to see naked?
I brought up this comment in our 10 common myths about naturism, but here it’s again, as it has everything to do with body shaming.
Naturism isn’t about looking pretty for anyone. Nobody (unless they are exhibitionists) goes to the unclothed beach to be your eye candy. If you go to a naked beach or naturist resort just to look at bodies you find appealing, in that case your creepy behaviour is called voyeurism.
For a long time, marketers have already been using the notion of the plage body or “bikini body” to promote certain beauty standards and sell products. Those products are somehow supposed to make that specific body type seem attainable to consumers.
http://nudistsplace.com/first-time-nudist-stories/when-i-was-16-i-went-alone-to-the-lake-and-bathed-alone-naked/ is slim, toned and tanned with perky breasts and a curvy, firm bottom. The male plage body equivalent is slim, tan and muscular.
The belief that people must pursue and reach a specific body to see and appreciate the playa is total bullshit.
Strand body weight decrease ad attempting to benefit from body shaming
While the strand body is all about looking attractive in a swimsuit, the media and marketing are just like good at telling people what they should look like to be nude in public. Whether it is implied nudity or full-frontal, it’s generally a female model with the perfect body” and perfect skin attempting to sell us something or catch the male gaze.
Sexualized nudity is employed to sell. But in marketing there is only one version of alluring and yet again, it is nobody’s job or obligation to fit someone else’s or society’s notion of alluring!
We all just need to love the fucking beach.
2. Naturists are heavy and consequently boosting an unhealthy lifestyle.
In a recent blog post, I explained how health worries about strangers are really only another type of fat-shaming.
Someone’s weight will not define health. Being fat will not unexpectedly require someone to disclose their health issues to anyone. Most naturists understand and respect others’ right to privacy in regards to well-being as well as the right to do what you need with your own body.
Being fat or unhealthy isn’t a failure. Weight or size doesn’t determine a person’s worth or whether they deserve to be accepted or loved as a human being.
Body Positivity is for ALL bodies!

3. Pubic hair / armpit hair / body hair is obscene or dirty or any kind of telling someone else what to do with body hair.
At some stage, http://nudismphotos.net/posts/my-first-nudist-experience-came-when-i-was-17/ began ordering that girls must be hairless. While men’s hair can be an indication of manliness or masculinity, female body hair is considered gross, dirty and unfeminine.
In the last few years there is definitely been a rise in body-favorable / feminist activism encouraging women to grow their hair out (IF they want to) and to not feel embarrassed about it.
Body favorable drawing saying pubic hair is entirely okay
Still, some people feel the need to visit their own tastes or shame others for having hair.
This can be the FKK naturist doctrine on body hair: Everyone has the right to do whatever the fuck they want with their body hair, whether it is on their armpits, genitals, legs, arms, whatever.
Got a personal view on body hair? Great, keep it yourself and do what you want with your own body hair.
4. Naked folks? Genitals? Ew, I don’t want to see that.
Body shame continues to be a huge issue as it pertains to certain body parts and their natural functions. We still have those old puritan spiritual values that held the human body to be obscene.
This dilemma can also be tied up with sexual shame. Individuals are instructed to hide their sex organs. In schools, most are still taught to ignore their sexual urges with abstinence-only sex education. Pupils learn about their sexual parts in school via anatomical drawings. They’ve been left to guess what actual naked bodies look like. Or they get a wholly unrealistic idea from Internet porn.
And so, the disgust. The disgust folks feel about their own bodies is projected onto others.
The Ew, I do not desire to see that opinions regularly come up around public events like the World Naked Bike Ride when hundreds of cyclists flood the roads to protest against oil dependence.
There is a simple solution for those who do not desire to see: Just. Do not. Look.
5. Women’s breasts are sexual, so women should not be walking around topless.
Women’s breasts will not be sex organs. Their primary function is always to feed infants.
Do some people derive sexual pleasure from their breasts? Totally. A lot of people also derive sexual pleasure from their feet. And yet we haven’t prohibited feet from being seen in public.
Women’s breasts are continually sexualized and objectified for gain. Yet society shames the woman who dares to breastfeed her child in a public place. Policemen arrest and shame women for attempting to appreciate a park while topfree the same way men do. Folks sexualize and shame the bodies of little girls by making them cover up from a young age.
Breastfeeding and Sexualized Breasts in Marketing
The real reason women can not walk around topfree like men, in most places, is pure sexism.
The Free the Nipple movement has attracted a substantial amount of attention for this equality problem. Nevertheless the law still lags behind, and attitudes still must shift.
Here’s an insightful quotation from Laura Dodsworth, writer of Naked Reality, about the female body becoming censored and shamed: It Is not what we want to show of our bodies, but who gets to decide what may be revealed, in what manner and where, that is finally revealing of women’s location in the world.
So that is my short list! Naturist or not, what body-shaming comment(s) are you tired of hearing? Please share in the comments.
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